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The Atlantis Hotel
Tent Bay
Bathsheba St Joseph
Tel :
Fax: 246-433-7180

There are three ways to reach the Atlantis Hotel.

Seafarers may brave the currents and obstacles off her shore, the outdoors type might hike along the old train track which passes beneath her balcony.

Atlantis Morning

Most visitors will arrive by automobile - they take the narrow, winding country lane which descends through the picturesque Bathsheba countryside a remarkable backdrop of lush hillsides, stunning rock formations, the ubiquitous and seemingly always heavily laden breadfruit trees, towering coconut palms and other assorted tropical flora.

It is a drive which always requires great care not only because of the narrowness of the winding roads but also because this wondrous spectacle of nature never ceases to be a distraction.

Barbados Map
Arriving at the Atlantis, you are immediately drawn to the ocean: From the balcony you breathe the fresh air, feel the breeze and taste its salty savour....you stand transfixed by nature’s beauteous work.


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